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Marching Orders

I’m junk but I’m still holding up/ This little wild bouquet/ Democracy is coming to the USA.  – Leonard Cohen, Democracy By Samantha Wright | 1/20/17 Last fall, Hillary Clinton inspired my daughter Molly to run for student council president at the Ouray Middle School. Molly won. Hillary didn’t. This Friday, as Donald J. Trump puts his hand on Lincoln’s bible and gets sworn …

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Day One in Donald Trump’s New World

By Alec Jacobson | 1/20/17
On the night that votes were being tallied in America, I was eating mole on a rooftop in Oaxaca … Overnight, both the US State Department and my mom had raised their travel warnings for Mexico a notch, but the only anti-American sentiment I saw in a month of driving was from a group of ex-pats in San Miguel de Allende – aging artists with anti-Trump signs and badly translated flyers. Diego, in Mexico City, was angry at Enrique Pena Nieto, his own president, for sitting down with a candidate who so clearly lacked respect for Mexico. A hotel owner in Oaxaca City who had studied in Oregon said that maybe it would be good for America to feel a little shame.

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A Real Conversation About Healthcare

As entertaining as the political happenings in American can be, it is easy to forget that the Red vs. Blue game has real implications. While politics has devolved into little more than reality TV, quite literally in the case of Trump, it contains something that shows like The Apprentice never have: reality. Sure, we might get the occasional statistic regarding …

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I Gathered With The Rainbows and They Gave Me Pancakes

By Alec Jacobson | 8/23/16
Rainbows come from around the world, but they are most often “travelers,” hitching rides and hopping the rails in an east/west wave back and forth to gatherings, trim season and random whims. Some caravan, carrying kitchen supplies in busses that stock up at food pantries and cook for the hungry.

Responding to Cottonwood

In response to the recent article entitled “Cottonwood Creek Estates – Growing Pains for Affordable Housing,” the owner of that development, Kurt Lochmiller, wrote a lengthy letter outlining his objections to various claims made in the story. Primary among them: that he was not given a chance to respond to particular complaints made by ex-tenants. In the interest of fairness, we are now printing his major points, with additional comments by the reporter, Judy Muller.