INDEPENDENT YOUTH | Bennet and Big Pharma

By Evan Vann | 3/13/17 In southwestern Colorado, people are less defined by their party than by their experiences and beliefs. I really came to understand this when talking to a military veteran, libertarian, and Trump voter on the subject of Bernie Sanders. He was obviously not a fan, but did admit that he agreed with Sanders’ stance on pharmaceuticals. He opined that …

INDEPENDENT YOUTH | Gardner Sold Out Colorado Childrens’ Education

By Evan Vann | 3/13/17 Our new Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’ nomination met with extreme controversy, namely because of her intense advocacy of charter schools. Her status as a billionaire, along with her awful track-record of heinous attempts to privatize Michigan’s public school system, has prompted many to label her as an enemy of public schooling, a title that …

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A Real Conversation About Healthcare

As entertaining as the political happenings in American can be, it is easy to forget that the Red vs. Blue game has real implications. While politics has devolved into little more than reality TV, quite literally in the case of Trump, it contains something that shows like The Apprentice never have: reality. Sure, we might get the occasional statistic regarding …

INDEPENDENT YOUTH | The Bleak Future of the Democratic Party

By Evan Vann | 12/29/16
For Trump supporters, this election was more than a triumph of an idol: it symbolized fringe, right-wing politics breaking into the mainstream. For Democrats, some believe it has popped a political bubble lived in rather comfortably for years.

INDEPENDENT YOUTH | Seeing Green in the Wake of the Elephant Stampede

By Evan Vann | 11/13/16
With the advantage of hindsight, we can now better understand that the victory of Trump had to do with two things: the embrace of populism from the Republican party and the Democrats’ rejection of it. It wasn’t third party voters, or Russia, or other propagated reasons. Simply, the Democratic Party is unfit to lead.


By Evan Vann | 10/30/16
Moderate liberals tend assume that, based on overlapping platform regarding minor partisan issues, the Green Party and the Democratic Party are somehow friendly. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. As much as Democrats would like to believe that corruption, cronyism, and corporatism is isolated to Republicans and the right, the Democratic party’s state is just as bad, if not worse, than the Republican Party’s.

INDEPENDENT YOUTH | #DemExit and a Fellowship with Colorado Democrats

By Evan Vann | 10/3/16
If anyone has read my column, my opposition to Bennet and Clinton is no secret. It is in my opinion that they are two of many Democratic Party politicians who have traded the well being of working and middle class Coloradans for campaign contributions from predatory industries.