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ULTIMATE RANT | Go Ahead. Bite The Hand That Feeds You.

By Allison Perry | 3/19/15
This mentality that the riffraff who actually work here, and struggle to make ends meet because they truly appreciate the natural beauty of this place, should constantly be kissing the asses of the well-to-do that make the world go round and round is bullshit.

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The Painful Price of Shopping Local

By Allison Perry | 3/12/15
Perhaps we should all boycott the stores and organize mass carpool networks going to and from Montrose, or turn to online grocers and food coops, or avail that nice man whose name I now can’t find on Facebook (Jim? John? Jim-John?) who makes weekly Costco runs.

SPORTS SQUIB | The Worst Super Bowl Ever?

Patriots-Seahawks? Talk about a rotten Super Bowl if there ever was one. These are two teams I simply cannot stand and they have ruined my Super Bowl holiday for 2015. Yes, there will be dark skies over Glendale, Arizona when the teams take the field and it will be proof that evil has prevailed.

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ULTIMATE RANT | Mommy Culture’s Great Expectations

It’s okay to hope for a good samaritan, as long as you expect a Larry David… By Allison Perry | Telluride I’m going to do something I have not yet done: address a rant that has since been removed from Sweet Rants, although I have no idea why. Last week, I noticed a rant from a woman whose name I …

ULTIMATE RANT | Telluride Sweet Poop and Shame

Imagine for a moment, if you will, strolling through the winter wonderland that is Telluride in December. Blue skies, crisp air, clean, white snow, sparkling in the…oh, wait. What is that marring this picture perfect scene, that thing you can’t take your eyes off of, demanding attention, not even an inch off the sidewalk, trail, or wherever you happen to be walking?