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Somewhere Else – Part 8: In the Library

By Noah Sanders | 1/6/17
Except for Silas’s voice – full and musical, climbing octaves and changing tone as he switched between characters – the room was silent. The children – cross-legged on the floor, chins resting on fists – were captivated. Earl could not tell if they were focused on the story or on Silas himself.

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Somewhere Else – Part 7: Breakfast

By Noah Sanders | 12/30/16
Their journey so far had already been almost too much, too strange. It had forced them far from their comfort zone, surrounded them with sights and sounds completely unfamiliar to them: restaurants on the side of freeways serving food they’ve never tasted, gas station bathrooms reeking of piss and reheated breakfast sandwiches, the greyhound bus, stiff, stale, and sleepless.

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Somewhere Else – Part 6: Clouds

By Noah Sanders | 10/7/16
They were water. It coursed through them, was them. It breathed life into them. It allowed them to transform into whatever they pleased, the foundation of their existence staked in fluidity.

Somewhere Else – Part 5: New Friends

By Noah Sanders | 8/19/16 | Part 5
Bubba’s belly had a lot of peculiar uses. It could be a drum (not a very loud one), it was a very efficient shock absorber (Bubba had learned many crashes ago to land on his belly), and if he sat down, back against the wall, it was a fantastic table. At this moment, however, it was doing an excellent job of reflecting the sunlight off of the the road and straight into Earl’s eyes.

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Somewhere Else – Part 4: Discovery

By Noah Sanders | 4/20/16 | Part 4 in a Series
He opened his eyes. He found himself lying on his back in a cornfield, naked and staring up at a blue, cloudless sky. He was not confused. For the first time in his life, he knew exactly what he needed to do.

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Somewhere Else – Part 3: Earl Escapes

By Noah Sanders | 3/25/16 | Part 3 in a Series
Earl rediscovered what wind felt like on his face. He rediscovered the taste of dust settling on his tongue, and he rediscovered the sting of sweat dripping down from his forehead into his small, sharp, squinting eyes. The sky above him was cloudless and blue.

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Somewhere Else – Part 2: Earl the Elephant

By Noah Sanders | 3/25/16 | Part 2 in a Series
Everyone’s body reacts differently to prison, and Earl’s just ballooned. Confinement triggered something deep inside Earl, some atavistic genetic switch left over from some ancient hibernatory ancestors.