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I Gathered With The Rainbows and They Gave Me Pancakes

By Alec Jacobson | 8/23/16
Rainbows come from around the world, but they are most often “travelers,” hitching rides and hopping the rails in an east/west wave back and forth to gatherings, trim season and random whims. Some caravan, carrying kitchen supplies in busses that stock up at food pantries and cook for the hungry.

Responding to Cottonwood

In response to the recent article entitled “Cottonwood Creek Estates – Growing Pains for Affordable Housing,” the owner of that development, Kurt Lochmiller, wrote a lengthy letter outlining his objections to various claims made in the story. Primary among them: that he was not given a chance to respond to particular complaints made by ex-tenants. In the interest of fairness, we are now printing his major points, with additional comments by the reporter, Judy Muller.

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TELLURIDE 2030 | Amy Levek

By Alec Jacobson | 4/22/16 | Part 10 in a Series
“I’m just more optimistic than Pessimistic,” says Amy Levek, former Telluride Planning Director, Mayor and Town Council Member.

Soundtable: The West and the White House

By Paige Blankenbuehler, High Country News
This story originally appeared on High Country News | 4/12/16
The latest Soundtable discussion takes a deep dive into where presidential hopefuls stand on issues important to the American West. So, what Western issues are gaining importance as the candidates move through their campaigns — and which ones are getting left behind?