Soundtable: The West and the White House

By Paige Blankenbuehler, High Country News
This story originally appeared on High Country News | 4/12/16
The latest Soundtable discussion takes a deep dive into where presidential hopefuls stand on issues important to the American West. So, what Western issues are gaining importance as the candidates move through their campaigns — and which ones are getting left behind?

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Is Recycling Dead in Telluride?

By Alec Jacobson | 11/24/15
Studies show that the energy consumed by a recycling plant versus one that produces the same materials from virgin materials is typically lower and the green house gas emissions are generally less, but the full recycling process – from your home to a sorting facility to a processing plant to a market – can reduce and even reverse that benefit.

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Ouray’s Beetle Scourge (and Its Silver Lining)

By Samantha Wright | 7/8/15
Recent aerial detection surveys conducted by the U.S. Forest Service show vast blobs of white fir beetle-kill all around Ouray. Those blobs have grown significantly over the past two years since the last time such surveys were conducted.