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TELLURIDE 2030 | Bill Jensen

By Alec Jacobson | 2/17/16 | Part 3 in a Series
“Things that we do that drive the economics of the community without a heavy footprint on the community, this is my sense of Telluride, are all positive,” says Bill Jensen, CEO of Telluride Ski and Golf.

TELLURIDE 2030 | The Trailer

By Alec Jacobson | 2/3/16
It’s been 10 years since The Telluride Master Plan was released and we at the San Juan Independent think it’s time to revisit the future. This series aims to bring together some of those diverse visions with the hope that, placed side-by-side, they’ll provide enough commonalities to set a tone that’s more specific than “we don’t want to be Aspen.”

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Dispatch from the Front Lines of the European Refugee Crisis

By Samantha Wright | 12/1/2015
Maciek Nabrdalik, internationally acclaimed photographer with VII Photo Agency, is traveling from Poland to Telluride this week for the next installment of the San Juan Independent’s Visiting Journalist Program, bringing images and stories from the front lines of the European refugee crisis.

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Is Recycling Dead in Telluride?

By Alec Jacobson | 11/24/15
Studies show that the energy consumed by a recycling plant versus one that produces the same materials from virgin materials is typically lower and the green house gas emissions are generally less, but the full recycling process – from your home to a sorting facility to a processing plant to a market – can reduce and even reverse that benefit.