ULTIMATE RANT | Rehoming Dogs on Facebook

By Allison Perry | 12/14/15

Well, Ranters and Bitchers, Sweet Deals has out-bitched y’all lately and I’m going to get on it before an admin takes the post down.

Ciara Enid posted about her German Shepherd mix, saying, “I can’t take care of this dog…does anybody want her? She is 10 months old and really nice. Please call if you have interest.”

It took less than an hour for all the moral activists, haters and trolls to come out the woodwork to rip her a new one.

Halli Burchett is, “sickened…when people give dogs away on Facebook,” and thinks that, “[The] poor thing will just be picked up by another person who will just be a short term owner and pass her off when it’s convenient.”

While this may be true, I’ve definitely seen shelter dogs adopted by people who, sadly, return them after short periods of time. I’ve also adopted dogs from both shelters and private owners, and I’ve had wonderful experiences with both.

Leslie Bri Holley, lover of dogs and genius wordsmith, actually accuses Enid of abusing her dog. He claims to have witnessed this himself, and also claims to be quite the dog lover. Well, Mr. Holley, if you care about the dog, why not do as Barbara Hunt Nazari suggests, and, instead of pointing fingers and hurling insults, call the police.

Oh. I see. You “don’t call cops.” That’s compelling. It’s perfectly respectable for you to claim you love dogs and “hate their shit owners,” but then be completely unwilling to set aside your own personal discomfort with the police to ensure the dog isn’t subject to further (alleged) mistreatment.

(While we’re at it, Mr. Holley, you also seem to enjoy calling other people “pussies” and “sissies”, and labeling women as “bitches”. Seems like you’re the sissypuss here, since you witnessed an animal being abused and did nothing whatsoever to stop it, nor have you stepped up and taken the dog, if only to get her to a shelter. You sound about as credible as a disgruntled eighth grader shouting at the teacher who flunked him in English.)

After reading all the commentary, I’m officially endorsing Andrew Temple’s assertion that, “For such as small town, Telluride sure has a lot of ASSHOLES.”

As long as there are dogs in the world, there will be people who, for whatever reason, think they can care for them and then discover they cannot. And since we don’t just take unwanted animals out back and shoot them anymore, when you can’t take care of a dog, you put it up for adoption.

People’s lives can change and all of a sudden their job, kids, an illness or a financial shift can render them unable to take care of their pets. Enid says nothing about why she can no longer care for her dog and so we all assume she sucks?

Why the hell is that the most common reaction instead of doing as Kihm Beyer did and asking why Enid can’t take care of the dog anymore before judging her?

Sure, as Ravan Magrath points out, Enid probably shouldn’t have gotten a dog she can’t take care of and is probably now heartbroken about it. But by all means let’s discourage her from finding her dog a better home in any way possible, and also make her feel even worse about it.

Is that the Telluride way?

A shelter might be better than an internet ad in the long run, but perhaps she’s just starting the process on Facebook. Perhaps she can’t get to the shelter until next week. Perhaps she wants some control over who ends up with her dog.

Moreover, can you people imagine what would happen if animal shelter personnel chastised people for surrendering their pets? They refrain because they don’t want to discourage people from doing perhaps the only good thing they’ll ever do for an unwanted and possibly mistreated or neglected animal: get it to a better home.

Does this dog only deserve a better home if Enid has a really, really compelling and feel-good reason for not being able to care for it?

And let’s think about the potential new owner. Picture a sad, lonely guy in an empty house. He finds this dog online, the dog is free, he goes to meet Enid and finds the perfect dog. The dog gets a new home without spending any time in a cage and we all cross our fingers and hope our sad sack has finally found his soul mate.

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.

So, yeah, for all you potential dog owners, do your homework (as Melissa Margetts stresses), before you commit. But, for now, I’d like to commend the people who are prioritizing helping Enid and the dog.

Shame on all the haters.

Allison Perry’s Ultimate Rant typically finds its inspiration from the Facebook group page, “Telluride Sweet Rants and Bitching”, a forum to discuss ideas, businesses, housing, government, or anything else related to Telluride, the region, and its people.