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TELLURIDE 2030 | Amy Levek

By Alec Jacobson | 4/22/16 | Part 10 in a Series
“I’m just more optimistic than Pessimistic,” says Amy Levek, former Telluride Planning Director, Mayor and Town Council Member.

Soundtable: The West and the White House

By Paige Blankenbuehler, High Country News
This story originally appeared on High Country News | 4/12/16
The latest Soundtable discussion takes a deep dive into where presidential hopefuls stand on issues important to the American West. So, what Western issues are gaining importance as the candidates move through their campaigns — and which ones are getting left behind?

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TELLURIDE 2030 | Sean Murphy

By Alec Jacobson | 4/11/16 | Part 9 in a Series
“Most of us work two or three jobs and that’s something that, while feasible, it’s not a good long term solution,” says Sean Murphy, Telluride Mayor.

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TELLURIDE 2030 | Bob Saunders

By Alec Jacobson | 3/31/16 | Part 8 in a Series
“There’s something about Telluride that is special and, if we don’t protect that, we’re not going to be special anymore,” says ‘Glider’ Bob Saunders, member of Town Council.

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TELLURIDE 2030 | Jill Wilson

By Alec Jacobson | 3/23/16 | Part 7 in a Series
“There’s not a single thing that could pull me away from here,” says Jill Wilson, Youth Services Manager at the Wilkinson Public Library, “mostly because the people are so amazing.”

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San Miguel County, Telluride Ponder Preservation of Pandora Mill

By Alec Jacobson | 3/21/16
The fate of the historic Pandora Mill will be under discussion on Tuesday, March 29. On the table is a deal to transfer ownership of the structure to the county and then restore it through the combined efforts of the county and town, with potential supplemental funding from Idarado/Newmont and other private sources.