The Politics of True Nature – A personal statement on the inauguration

By Erin McElroy | 1/20/17

Ever since November 9th, I look at the cathedral of mountains and I cry.

I am afraid that irreversible damage will be done.

I feel deep pain and helplessness. Is there a worse feeling?

I understand that to think about things like nature, passion, service, and purpose is a luxury.

When one is giving their currencies of time and breath to meet basic needs, the last thing on their mind or in their heart is the gift of those very things. 

And so tensions rise. Anger overwhelms. Lightening bolts of blame are cast about.

But anger and blame and separation have never created positive change or put food on the table or brought a loved one back to life.

These emotions stem from a violated value or a truth unheard.

So now what?

Now we decide to do the hard work. We face our own shadows by asking questions.

What do I value? How do I show that? What are my truths? Are they really true? Why are they important? 

We look to ourselves first. And as we start to understand ourselves, we offer the best version of ourselves to others.

We seek to understand others, and in doing so further understand ourselves. And so it goes. 

We look out for others, knowing someone is looking out for us.

We are grateful for each breath and the nature that unconditionally feeds us.

We are now the political party of human nature. We get what we need, we give what we can, and we do it together.