TELLURIDE 2030 | The Trailer

Telluride 2030


It’s been 10 years since The Telluride Master Plan was released and we at the San Juan Independent think it’s time to revisit the future. Last fall’s heated election cycle was a reminder that there are at least as many visions of Telluride as there are people in the box canyon. Still, we all have to move forward together.

This series aims to bring together some of those diverse visions with the hope that, placed side-by-side, they’ll provide enough commonalities to set a tone that’s more specific than “we don’t want to be Aspen.” You can’t step in the same river twice, they say, but we’ve all frozen a foot in the San Miguel (and stepped in dog doo on its banks.) Our shared experiences should stand at the core of the discussion as we evaluate and form policy.

We’re also compiling relevant studies and statistical projections in order to complement those visions and ground them.