Soundtable: The West and the White House

By Paige Blankenbuehler, High Country News
This story originally appeared on High Country News | 4/12/16

In this year’s presidential race, the stakes seem higher than ever and the electorate in the West is more diverse and engaged in the past. Reading the news, it’s easy to know who is up, who is down and which candidate is embroiled in the latest drama, but our latest Soundtable discussion takes a deep dive into where presidential hopefuls stand on issues important to the American West. So, what Western issues are gaining importance as the candidates move through their campaigns — and which ones are getting left behind?

On April 6, High Country News brought in experts to begin to answer some of those questions for its High Country News University Soundtable program. Brian Calvert, managing editor, joined Jon Goldin-Dubois, of Western Resource Advocates, in Boulder; David Fott, professor of political science at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas; and Laura Martin, the associate director of the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada. (Disclosure: HCN board member Bob Fulkerson is the state director and co-founder of PLAN.)

Listen to the full program:



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