US Court releases six Indians arrested for illegal entry into US

Six youths from North Gujarat who have been in US jail for 24 days will be deported after completing legal proceedings. Prosecutors said the defendants had no criminal record and had not committed any crimes on American soil, prompting the court to release them all from prison or fines. Four of the six accused have barely studied up to standard 12.

Six Gujaratis who crossed the US border in a boat from Canada in April have been released by a US court. All of them are currently in jail, they will be deported after completing the legal process. On April 28, just as their boat was sinking in the river in the freezing cold of the American border, a team of local police arrived and rescued all the people from drowning. District Court Judge Gary L. Favro told all six young men not to take the illegal route to the United States. The judge also advised them that human traffickers only have to deal with money and do not care about the lives of people like them.

Leaving all six Gujaratis behind, the court also ordered them to return to your country, and persuade the people there not to try to enter the United States illegally. If you have to travel to America, you must always follow the legal route. On April 28, all six Gujaratis were caught crossing the border illegally by US police. They were rescued when they were on the verge of drowning in the St. Regis River. If the police had not arrived at that time, all the people would have drowned in the river in freezing temperatures.

The names of these six people who entered the US illegally are 1. Amit Patel (22 years old), Dhruv Patel (19 years old), Neil Patel (19 years old), Dhruvesh Patel (20 years old), Sawan Patel ( 19 years), Darshan Patel (21 years). Most of the youth had barely studied up to 12th standard while only two were studying in college. Four of them told the court they were going to Chicago, one to South Carolina and the other to Georgia. All were convicted of illegal entry into the United States.

A U.S. court judge has told the public that he entered the United States at the behest of an agent without any immigration process, and that he himself has taken a big risk by committing this crime. The public prosecutor, requesting the release of all the accused, told the court that the youths should not be sentenced to imprisonment or fined. Not all young people have a criminal past, and even after entering the United States, they have not committed any crime. In addition, they survived while entering the United States. He is not a criminal, but his only complaint is that he was trying to enter the United States illegally.

While all the six accused have been in jail for 24 days, the court ordered them to be framed and sent back to India after due process of law. Sawan Patel, one of the six accused, became a government witness and also testified in court against an agent named Brian Lazor. The agent left them and fled when they were apprehended by police. Police have registered a case against him, and Sawan Patel’s testimony will be crucial in proving the charges against him.

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